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India, ISRO and it’s growing scientific power

At the doorstep of 2020, India’s space program stands strong with all its might & excellence. With aspiration to make it a super power, India’s space research during the tenure of PM Narendra Modi has received accolades from countries across the globe.

Since it’s inception in the year 1969, ISRO has significantly evolved and has entered into the elite global space club, riding on the extensive scientific research. Yet it has not attained the same level of popularity as that of NASA or the Roscosmos.

Any guessings why?

Every time it came to finances, the government always had to justify why spending would be allotted to ISRO versus those in poverty. ISRO has always kept it’s focus point on missions that were developmental in nature. ISRO has been one of the most cost effective member of the effective space industries on this planet. But it’s high time now that we as Indians know the real capacity, significance and importance of space research from our own country’s perspective.

Marketing plays a quintessential role in taking the work of ISRO to the last man standing of our country. When NASA was founded, the US space research was determined with the sole purpose of making it stand differently from the USSR. An aggressive public interaction campaign was designed to connect the citizens of US with the free flowing mechanism of information between the two to keep the citizens well-informed about each and every development in US space research.

Working on similar lines, the NDA govt, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has come out extensively express heaps and bounds to share India’s achievements in the field of space research. He has made the most of his communication model to reach out to the citizens time & over. Be it the entry of Mangalyaan in Mars or the launch of Chandrayaan-II mission, PM made sure he had his words heard by the entire country. Political parties have been critical of the PM’s speeches on scientific achievements asking him, not to seek the credit for scientific research done by our scientists. But, he never shyed away from using his oratory skills to connect with the citizens on various occasions to showcase India’s might in the field of Space Research. India has also joined hands with global nations to explore new avenues of space research.

Even the ISRO has shifted it’s focus to connect the youths now and engage them with India’s upcoming space research programs. The soon-to-come new year 2020 is expected to witness ISRO rolling out new innovative programs to connect itself with the 130 crore Indians across the country.

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